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Playtesting Blocku 12/11

On December 11 2013, the Blocku team which included Ryan Videlock and myself went with others form our class in HFOSS to Allendale Columbia School. As a result of not having worked on the game as much as i personally would of like because of updating issues and also incompetent programming skills. We showed the kids of Alledale Columbia School original Blocku. The following is what they gave back as feedback.

The kids thought that the game was fun because it reminded them of a rendition of sudoku. Some of the kids found  the game a little too hard because the instructions made little to no since unless Ryan or myself explained it to them. The instructions were unclear because it dealt with rotating the blocks with the R letter and the standard mode did not rotate the blocks. Some of the kids thought that there should be a setting in the game that allowed the player to change the difficulty before the game start instead of on the main menu. Also, this gives the player the option to either make the game harder or easier based on how well they did the previous level. On the fact that the game was hard for some of the kids they suggested to make the game levels easier. The kids did not state whether to decrease the range of possible numbers or having the product equal to a number with a zero at the end. There was a kid that thought the game would be better if there was a side calculator to help you out when you get stuck on a problem.

I will admit before the play-testing I was stressing out working the night before to get fractions to be implemented within the game but could not get it to work. After engaging the play-testing I felt more relieved I did not get fractions working because of how much trouble the kids were having trouble doing what I would consider simple math. If I did get fractions to work and made them play version of Blocku. I think most kids would be lost when trying to play the game because they might have not learned fractions yet in their learning. After the play-testing blocku needs to be fixed both in code and difficulty but not sure that will happen before the end of the semester.

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Blocku Update

Over last weekend our team met up and worked on to work on blocku. We made some head way with the project but not much to call a significant push. While working on the project before December 8th, we broke it and were trying to fix it. We did learn a couple of things. They are that when working off of a flash drive to create a file. One must redirect the path of the terminal to that location. On the XO, the path is as fallowed. After opening terminal the commands are cd .. twice to go up two up two directories. After that you would need to type cd run/media/olpc/(name of flashdrive)/folder name. After this you could be within the folder which holds your game for the XO. After that one needs to use this command to produce a workable game for the XO. This command is python setup.py dist_xo. After this command is executed there will be a little wait because the XO is creating the actual file. After that there should be a working file of your activity found on the flashdrive.  I know that it is late in the semester to say it be there was progress for once instead of frustrations.

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The Meme Hustler Review

Who: Evgeny Morozov

What: The Meme Hustler



The Gist:

Article is about how a man by the name of Tim O’Reilly made the idea of Open Source what it is today. Took an ideas from several people and combine the best of those idea to make his concept of Open Source.


The Article gives the journey this make took in order to have his ideals embraced with the online community. Describes why some of the other topics presented either failed or were doomed to fail as a result of the changing times.


It seemed like it went on forever as a result of me reading slowly it took me longer to finish even though I started early. For the amount of content of the article there seems to be too much detail in a subject that could be explained in a shorter manner. A lot of info thrown at the reader.


I really had no questions after the reading because I just wanted it to be over with.

My Review:

I would say that it is a good read but would only recommend people to read it if they have nothing better to do.

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Forgot to mention that on October 12th to 13th, the FossBox, the Videlock brothers and myself went to HackUpstate. It was a 24 hour hackathon. It was located in the Tech Garden located in Syracuse, New York. There were people form Oswego, Buffalo University of Rochester, RIT and NYC to name a few places. The brothers and I did not join a team because we thought we did not have enough skills to help out anyone on their projects until we learned at the end that most people never touched the language until that hackathon.

As a result we spent our time going around talking to all the teams and learning some of the problems they to figure out. On the rounds me and Colin got to see a prototype of mobile boat. The part were being made out of pvc piping and a water-resident plastic that floated in water.  At the same time we got to hang out with one of the judges named Gordon Zheng who was from Dwolla.

For the fact that the Videlock brothers and myself were doing nothing. Some people form the FossBox wanted to go to a place called Funk & Waffles. This group included Jennifer Kotler, Nathaniel Case, David Wilson, and someone else i can not remember right now. Along with Gordon form Dwolla we had a nice relaxing time there and came back a couple our later.

From what I can recall almost everyone, besides Colin,Ryan and myself, won some type of an award or recognition from HackUpstate. After the hackathon everyone from RIT took a picture outside of the Garden and went to eat at a nice restaurant before we all returned to RIT.

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XO progress

Will admit that no real progress was made with BlockU because of resetting the XO. Had to install the latest version of Sugar which only took an hour but had no clue how to do so. Went to the FossBox to get help with this yesterday.

Plans for next week are to get a Blocku working on the XO before Monday’s class. Also will start working on adding fractions to the game as well if i can figure that out in time for Tuesday’s Roc.py meeting.

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Barcamp Fall 2013

Over the weekend an event called BarCampRoc happened. It was a get together of both technical and nontechnical talks. This was the first one I had help set up and also went to. It was a blast working to set up the event and solve some problems that arose during the event as well.

The talks that I got to see where quite enjoyable to listen to. For example, there was a talk about making crossbows out of household supplies. They gave step by step instructions on how to make the crossbows along with materials so we could all follow along. I aslo went to a talk about ROM chips and how there are several different types like Programmable Read Only Memory (PROM), Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EPROM) and Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EEPROM).  Talked about how EEROM and EROM have different erasing methods and how they look when you are getting ride of an image on one.

During the last hour of BarCampRoc there was lighting talks that lasted only 5 minutes and each of them were all great. The lighting talks I personally liked the best were the lighting talk about beat boxing, NASCAR doctors and Chain Gang  Chase. With the beat boxing talk, I learned two thing which was how to beat box and that my teacher, Remy DeCausemaker, was very skilled at it.  From the lighting talk about the NASCAR doctors was that I never knew that the program never liked to show doctors whenever a crash occurred because it implies that something horrific or tragic has occurred to the driver. Also that when a crash occurs the doctors only have the span of commercials to run a series of test to make sure that driver is okay and alive. Finally, the Chain Gang Chase is a game that is being kickstarted by Joe Pietruch a Professor at RIT. He showed all of us a 3 minute video about why people should fund the kickstater and plans for the game. A link to his kickstarter can be locate here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/percipient24/chain-gang-chase-ouya-and-pc

As a result of this BarCampRoc,I will try to make it in the Spring and try to experience more talks and help out even more the next time.

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Status Update

Currently over the weekend I have found links to possible XO tutorials on making activities for the XO laptop.  Do to time constraints i have not been able to fully look at the tutorials at all. Hopefully this week more progress can be made on the Blocku game. The links i found are the following three: